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Machine PARK

Material preparation:
Sheet and section surface cleaning prior to mechanical blasting:

revolving table blasting system: max. diameter 3200, height 1000 mm
continuous blasting system: max. width 3000, min. length 2500, max. height 700 mm
manual blasting: max. cabin dimensions 4800 x 3800 x 12.000 mm (w x h x l)
according to individual agreement in the case of larger lengths and weights

Sheet shearing: up to 12 mm thickness, max. cutting length 3150 mm
NC flame cutting of sheet with oxygen burners(Messer Griesheim): max. sheet thickness 180 mm, dimensions 4000 x 15000 mm

Mechanical sheet straightening:

up to sheet thickness 10 mm and width 2500 mm
up to sheet thickness 15 mm and width 1500 mm
up to sheet thickness 20 mm and width 500 mm
Universal circular saws for transverse and oblique cutting: up to diameters of 290 mm (330 mm with re-sinking)
Band saws: up to diameters of 400 mm and various profiles

Folding presses: max. pressure 315 t (3150 kN), max. length 4000 mm
Sheet roll bending: for length up to 3000 mm, max. plate thickness 16 mm,min. diameter 400 mm
Straightening presses: max. pressure 300 t (3000 kN), table dimensions 3100 x 6000 mm,working surface 2600 x 5000 mm, max. height 1000 mm

All assembly workshops are equipped with levelling workbenches and assembly equipment.
Large components: max. weight of the welded constructions to be produced: 20 t; length 40 m
Lifting capacity: per crane max. 12.5 t (several cranes max. 36 t)

Primarily with semi-automatic welding machines(ESAB, KEMPI, MESSER): manual E-111 electric arc welding and t MAG – 135, active gas metal welding;
121- UP welding
783 - Drawn-arc stud welding
3 Turn-Tables 18-30t capacity All welders have a valid welding certificate according to EN 287-1 for the relevant process.
Non-destructive material testing with the following processes:

radiographic test
ultrasonic test
magnetic powder test
colour penetration test
Evaluation in own testing laboratory:

x-ray devices ERESCO 65 MF2L
ultrasonic-echograph Krautkrämer USK-6 und USM – 2
electro-magnetic defectometer TIEDE-TWM 220

Mechanical processing:
Turning: center turning
carousel turning up to diameters of 4000 mm, height 2250 mm, max. 16t
NC lathes
Milling: max. dimension 1250 x 3500 and height 950 mm

round surface grinding: up to diameters of 320 mm, max. length 2000 mm, max. 300 kg
Flat surface grinding: up to 700 x 2000 mm
Horizontal drilling machine:

with max. frontal working surface:
2500 x 7000 mm / spindle advance 1600 mm
3000 x 5000 mm / spindle advance 1600 mm
Sheet edge processing: up to thickness of 80 mm, max. lenght 10500 mm
Drilling: upright drilling machines up to diameters of 80 mm,
CNC-drilling machines up to diameters of 50 mm,
table dimensions 1875 x 8000 mm, max. component height 1000 mm

Surface treatment and painting:

Colour applications takes place using modern airless spraying devices.Nova Verta Industrial booth, Dimension L x W x H 15m x 7,3m x 4,4m, air-conditioned
Transport connections:

Excellent road connections, also ideal for special transports.